Primary School Program

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Our Primary Program from (Grade 1 to Grade 5) offers an innovative curriculum. At primary level lot of absorption, observation, retention, questioning, reinforcement and controlled practice takes place. This stage of education is immensely important; as it is here the foundation of literacy, numeracy and other structures are laid down for the future. The core components of Primary Curriculum are:




Children vary greatly and have different personalities and learning preferences. Some needs lot of structure and guidance while others are self directed and independent learners. Keeping these things in mind, the various skills of language learning – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing . Students are made to encounter the words given in the word wall helping them to pronounce, spell ( Word Search) and elaborate ( Word Web) the word eventually gearing up to create sentences and finally paragraphs. English language helps the students to develop self-confidence, independence, and inculcate communication skills.




Children are encouraged to develop lifelong interest in mathematics deliberately designed curriculum. Students get an environment conducive to learning mathematics, nurture and support their mathematical thinking. Various opportunities are given to develop the problem solving skills in the students through various mental and reasoning activities to ensure time, speed and accuracy which are the three important elements to master Mathematics.




Students explore various areas of science, including social science. They gain knowledge on various topics ranging from the early Existence of Man to current discoveries of Outer Space. They also learn about computers and its importance. From time to time various activities are conducted for both science and social science. Students learn the various concepts easily by making projects, giving presentations and doing experiments.




Our national language, i.e. Hindi is given equal importance in the curriculum. Children learn to read, write and speak the language in their language class.