Middle School Program

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Our Middle School Program (Grade 6 to Grade 8) offers effective transition from primary to middle  school and then to higher education programs in various schools.

At this stage a teacher plays a role of a mentor steering the learning process of children. A student is ready to exhibit what he has observed over the previous years. This stage includes production, demonstration, exhibition, presentation and performances by the students. The core components of Middle School Curriculum are:



At this stage, self directed reading and self study are inculcated in the students, with a focus on skills of language as well as literature. Students try to comprehend and analyze prose and poetry with literary elements. Equal emphasis is laid on all the four skills i.e. reading, listening, speaking and writing.An encouraging atmosphere of speaking and listening is created so as to inculcate the language efficacy.



Students are placed in the stimulating learning environment with student friendly software namely Pearson providing them a platform where they can actually analyze, understand and evaluate the concept learn. Regular worksheets and tests are conducted that challenge and motivate the students and improve their mathematical skills. Teachers use a student-centered style which instills confidence, initiative, and the development of critical and analytical skills.



Science is an enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and experimentations. This is done partly through explanation and observation and partly through experimentation. Various activities  such as quiz, working models, experiments in laboratory are the regular part of the curriculum.



Social Science is the study of human society and of individual relationships in and to society. Children can explore socio-cultural aspects of human behaviour and geographical boundaries of the world through various cross cultural events/programs organised both nationally and internationally. Social Science now gets divided into three units-History, Civics and Geography.



Hindi is compulsory and whereas Sanskrit & Punjabi are optional.