Student Life

Guru Purnima 2015

Silver Oaks International School has students who always look for things that are unconventional. They are offered training in challenging games like Skating, Swimming. Basketball etc. Special trainers who offer coaching and guidance in these sports and facilities are in place to pursue the same. Well maintained courts and ground have been provided for students training in various sports.


SOIS does not miss a chance to make their schooling a memorable experience for life time. This make the students well accomplished and well prepared to tackle any situation with confidence and composure.


As a part of social awareness programs, the students are involved in organizing voluntary activities like Planting Trees, Save Birds Activities, encouraged in keeping their surroundings clean, and so on. The school believes that every individual of the country should be disciplined and be prepared for serving the nation in times of need. To teach the importance of moral values and national integrity, festivals of all religions are celebrated with fervor and gaiety on the campus.