Student Council Election In Silver Oak International School, Kaithal

India is a democratic country. In our democratic republic we elect our representative through elections. Democracy is a government of the people, by the people, for the people. Election is a spirit and universal adult franchise of democracy. In order to inculcate this very spirit SOIS has shouldered the responsibility of conducting election and selection of student council. The basic objective is to prepare future leaders and responsible citizens through project based learning. By this process, students get familiar with the values of one person-one vote concept. The USP of the whole phenomenon is to provide a platform to the students to have a feel of the very basic concept of election and thus develop leadership qualities in a student at the very early stage. There are total 32 posts Head Boy, Head Girl, Sports Captain for Boys/Girls, Boys’/Girls’ Literary Captain, Cultural Captain for Boys/Girls and Captain, Vice Captain & 4 Prefects from each house.