Performing and Visual Arts

Like free play, children learn through exploring and experimenting with art media. Art is identified as a distinct area of play with different activities during early childhood, this will not only influence the achievement of present learning outcomes but also enable behaviours and attitudes that will support future learning in infants, toddlers and young children. Learning and partaking in the arts, whether in dance, music, drama or visual art, fosters a child’s holistic development while cultivating their artistic abilities and knowledge.A fundamental purpose of arts education is to inspire, instruct and support knowledge and interest in the arts, not impede it. Children’s creativity in the arts leads to “inspiring and inspired teaching which, in turn, motivates students to learn”.This encourages educators in their role during a child’s artistic journey. Therefore, guided participation and scaffolding are essential factors to ensure children maintain an interest in learning the arts. So, visual arts are a significant tool in supporting a child’s development.

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